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  • “Wow. That was honestly transformative. My attitude about everything in my life has been better since my visit.”

    Samuel M
  • “She has an understanding of bodies that few body workers possess – a formal scientific understanding and an intuition that helps her tap into what you really need. Its easy to talk to her about what’s ailing me- sometimes its an injury, sometimes its just plain stress – I always come away feeling better”

    B. Jane W
  •  “If you are lucky enough to cross paths with this amazing healer consider yourself living a blessed life. Her raw skill, intuitive awareness and vibrant transformative presence is a rare find in the flood of body workers and pseudo healers of everyday life.”

    Bryndl M
  • I can vouch for Diane’s great work on my jujitsu-injured neck and shoulder. Magic!

    Edward S
  • “I suffer from migraines and on many occasions Diane has helped ease and prolonged the ease of my migraines. She is an amazing massage therapist!”

    Annie O
  • “Diane is a true healer. She has magical hands and many modalities to work with as she melts the pain off your body. If you have not had a massage with her, you owe it to yourself to feel the relief and peace that she can offer you.”

    Davis P
  • “Hands down (no pun intended) the BEST massage and body work in Oakland! Diane is incredibly talented and has deep experience.”

    Olivia S
  • “Knowledgeable, intuitive, and creative about her approach. In addition to perfect technique, she has an uncanny ability to “read” the body and get at everything that is or could become a problem.”

    Rikke J
  • I broke my ankle in three places and Diane Gibbs has helped me enormously for these past three months!”

    Kitty H
  • “If I had one wish today, it would be to get on Diane’s massage table.”

    Cat D
  •  “Her understanding of the body and its subtler energies is unparalleled, as is her serene and joyful personality….I rely on her for so much more than just straightforward massage.

    Rikke J
  • “I came to Diane with real pain and spasms in my back. Her methods of relieving the tension in order to pin point the place where she could really get in, to transform my pain, was not only super effective physically but also I came away feeling holistically nourished!”


    Amanda S